The turnkey solution to achieve inclusive
and high-performing workplaces

The turnkey solution to achieve inclusive
high-performing workplaces

Designed for employees and employers alike

Designed for employees and employers alike


More women in management teams means 25% more profitability


Greater ethnic and cultural diversity in management teams means 36% more profitability

(Source: McKinsey 2019)

Rezalliance is a unique ecosystem aiming at advancing inclusion in the workplace and safeguarding human integrity through a constructive response to the many barriers to inclusion: harassment and discrimination of all kinds.

Gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual beliefs, social class, neurodiversity, health status, etc… are some of the many aspects that characterize every human being (diversity) and can also make any individual a target at anytime in their professionnal life.

When various forms of discrimination are impacting simultaneously and interactively the same individual or group of individuals, intersectionality ( the term coined by the African-American lawyer Kimberlé Crenshaw) comes into play to grasp the specific experience lived by an indivual affected by multiple forms of oppression. This intersectional, therefore holistic dimension is at the heart of Rezalliance’s approach, helping us to design and implement relevant and effecient solutions to solve a problem that is far too complex to be tackled from a single angle.

Considering our differences as a source of wealth, ensuring employees are respected in all their differences and treated fairly. It generates a sense of belonging and security that allows each individual to fulfil their potential and fully contribute to value creation which benefits the whole organization.

The behaviour of individuals is dictated by cultural and educational conditioning, which include conscious and unconscious acts. These in turn have the potential to lead to harassment and discrimination.

A coordinated and integrated action is therefore necessary to deal with both the consequences and causes, through corrective and preventive measures.

We support organisations and businesses’ transformation to become more inclusive in order to safeguard human integrity while avoiding the cost of litigation and mitigating reputational risks. By doing so, our clients increase their productivity, boost their attractiveness  and strengthen the motivation and commitment of their employees.




Raising awareness among both employees and employers, providing organisations with concrete tools to transform in order to become inclusive.


The offering “RezCare for organizations” allows employers to grant access to each employee our network of independent and multidisciplinary and  experts.  


Each employee affected by any form of harassment, gets tailored support throughout their process of reconstruction and recognition of the harm suffered.




Rezalliance believes that organisations have a crucial role to play in the emergence of a more inclusive society. We act as an additional link in the social fabric, a link that employees and employers can rely on to turn a damaging experience into an opportunity for development and growth.

the problem in SWITZERLAND IN facts and figures

According to SECO (State Secretariat of Economic Affairs)

59% of workers declared they were confronted  with moral harassment/mobbing at work.
2011 survey 

1 woman ouf of 3  will experience sexual harassment at work all through their career.
2008 Investigation

26% of disabeled workers concerned
2019 Report


 10th october 2020 : World Mental Health Day
The birth of REZALLIANCE


“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  (Maya Angelou)

Harassment and discrimination are weapons of mass destruction that lead to trauma at the individual and societal levels.
Healing requires in-depth work on oneself that begins with speaking out: telling your truth, making your voice heard, acknowledging the damage suffered, evacuating the feeling of guilt and shame in order to change your perspective and see yourself as a survivor and no longer as a victim. We are not all equipped to face this often long, tedious and painful reconstruction process.

Rezalliance was designed as a turnkey solution to support employees and employers on the path to resilience in both the psychological and organisational senses. Our human-centred approach allows the individual to get out of an extremely prejudicial situation and to bounce back – while also offering the employer the opportunity to correct and also prevent further cases. And by doing so, the employer also boosts their organisational performance and overall employment attractiveness.

In summary, it is about instilling and sustaining a transformative mindset both within the individual and within the organisation.