A systemic and pragmatic approach to inclusion for a lasting transformation of workplaces


A A systemic and pragmatic approach to inclusion for a lasting transformation of workplaces

What is at stake: Human beings at the heart of the performance of any organisation

Far from being a trend, the increased demand for more inclusion in the workplace is rooted in the principle of equal rights. This strong demand coming from society and in particular from new generations, will continue as long as exclusion is produced, whether consciously or not: This change in mentalities is an opportunity for employers to improve.

We help organisations transform to tune in with societal changes, moving away from the dominant / dominated, win / lose stance, to grasp the importance of the co-dependence between employees and employer, in order to act accordingly and together for a more inclusive and efficient working environment. 

A more inclusive workplace helps improve:

  • The motivation, commitment and productivity of employees.
  • Innovation and business growth.
  • The reputation of your organization while reducing risks and costs associated with scandals related to harassment and discrimination.
  • The ability of employers to attract and retain the best talent.

A comprehensive, holistic and systemic approach through a dedicated ecosystem.

Our key assets to help you advance inclusion in your organisation:

  • The richness and strength of a dedicated ecosystem that helps grasp the complexity of the subject.
  • A 360-degree understanding of the topic: from the symptoms and barriers (harassment, discrimination), to the root causes (unconscious bias) and the underlying themes (intersectionality or multiple discrimination).
  • Beyond a functional knowledge, we bring a concrete experience of the governance systems in place in matrix organisations.
  • A full range of services that covers all stages of the transformation cycle
  • The agility, flexibility, speed of intervention, the excellent quality / price ratio offered by a human-scale structure.

Inclusion as Cornerstone for business profitability, requires continuous efforts and investment

areas of intervention

  • Awareness sessions: open the dialogue, develop empathy to foster allyship.
  • Immersive experience to tackle unconscious bias: role play with professional actors.
  • Risks identification and mitigation plan.
  • Support for investigations: ensure neutrality and distance from internal pressure.
  • Audit of existing systems: process and reporting tools, control points and corrective plan/actions.
  • Support for organizational transformation: develop inclusive business practices (eg. Inclusie Procurement)

Our services to organisations are provided by independent consultants.
For more details or to get a tailored offer, please get in touch.

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Un grand merci Joëlle Payom d’avoir consacré une heure de votre temps (sans compter la préparation !) pour sensibiliser les employés #UBS aux thématiques du harcèlement et de la discrimination.

Votre éclairage sur les causes, les manifestations et les enjeux de ces fléaux est un premier pas pour que chacun et chacune d’entre nous soit capable d’identifier ce genre de situation (ce n’est parfois pas si évident !) et en parler ouvertement (certainement encore moins évident !)

Comprendre les mécanismes des différentes formes de harcèlement & discrimination permet en effet de favoriser concrètement l’inclusion en entreprise.

Patricia L.

Business Manager for Wealth Management Switzerland & Regional Director Office, Director chez UBS ¦ Change management, Digital transformation & Women's Wealth Ambassador

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