Harassment and discrimination in the workplace are major symptoms of organisational dysfunction and are also factors of exclusion. Conscious or not, these acts are part of a system that allows them to be repeated without the people who perpetuate them, or who suffer them, necessarily realizing the impact at the individual and societal levels.

Any action aimed at neutralizing harassment and discrimination has the immediate effect of strengthening inclusion in the environment in question. To be effective, the actions implemented require a coordinated approach between the different disciplines involved, in order to deal with the problem at all levels.

Harassment in the workplace revolves around 3 aspects
Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs 


Mobbing, psychological and / or moral harassment at work: any abusive conduct (gesture, word, behavior, attitude) which, through its repetition or systematization, affects the dignity or psychological or physical integrity of a person, endangering its employment or degrading the working climate.
(Marie France Hirigoyen, psychiatrist)


When one person harasses  another person through comments and / or behaviors with a sexual connotation that undermine their dignity or create an intimidating, hostile or offensive situation against them, or use any form of pressure in order to obtain an act of sexual nature.
(Marie France Hirigoyen, psychiatrist)


Unequal treatment based on a criterion prohibited by law, such as ethnic origin, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion and in an area covered by law, such as employment, housing, education (non-exhaustive list).


“I was shocked… completely flabbergasted… I didn’t understand what was going on.”  Justine, 34, Manager



REZALLIANCE has drawn on the experience of victims to understand the circumstances which lead to harassment and discrimination, the psycho-social impacts, the driving motivations, power play as well as the abuse of power. We leveraged the indepth knowledge of processes in place  in working environments in order to design a solution that is both curative and preventive. Our vision is global, we adress both symptoms and root causes through a holistic and integrated approach to serve both employees and employers.

I couldn’t talk anymore… I felt ashamed… I was afraid of losing my job… I thought nobody would believe me”. Olivier, 40, Sales representative

An innovative ecosystem to advance inclusion in the workplace

Our experts are capable et credible.

Their interventions are coordinated using an integrated approach.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by a robust governance based on key values.

“My employer made me out to be the culprit while I was the victim… I ended up persuading myself that I had done something wrong.” Lucie, 50, Account Manager

Employees, employers, praticieners:
everyone wins !

Employee : Get a strong support all through the recovery process.

  • You can count on experts in health, career coaching and labour law. Competent, vetted professionals awere of diversity and inclusion themes and impact.
  • The guarantee to get the quality of services at optimised rates.

Employer : Safeguard your employees to increase your profitability and enhance your company’s attractiveness

  • Legal proceedings are fastidious and time consuming resulting leading to higher costs and loss of productivity for your organisation. Because your employees are your key assets, it is mutually beneficial to find an agreement allowing them to recover and bounce back.
  • The approach promoted by Rezalliance fosters an objective dialogue on sensitive subjects deeply affecting the very identity of the individual. Rezalliance has painstakingly selected experts trained in mediation and intervening in total confidentiality to help achieve a win-win agreement – the one that preserves your reputation and the integrity of the employee.

Practitioners : Enrich your practice and extend your scope of activities

  • There are multiple ways to collaborate within the ecosystems: i.e provide direct support to individuals, participate in public events, provide services to organisations.
  • A broad range of events for practioners to create, sustain and reinforce intra and inter-disciplinary collaboration including the sponsorship of new members, coaching and get togethers.

“I was betrayed by my former colleagues who gave false testimony at the employer’s request”.

Yvan, 28, computer engineer

Our solution covers 6 out of 17 UN sustainable development goals.

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