Our assistance program dedicated to those affected by harassment and discrimination of all forms in the workplace


Our assistance program dedicated to those affected by harassment and discrimination of all forms in the workplace

  • You encounter a conflict at work and you wonder if it is harassment.
  • You feel sexually harassed / bullied and despite your alerts to your employer, nothing changes.
  • You feel the need for psychological support to cope with workplace harassment.
  • You are looking for legal advice to help you get out of a conflict related to a harassment at work.
  • You find it difficult to overcome the trauma, bounce back personally / professionally after being harassed at work.
  • You have other questions related to workplace harassment.

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How to deal with workplace harassment?

Awareness is the first step. Often, victims of harassment did not realize before their health is strongly impacted. Because the violence is foremost moral, those affected people find it difficult to put words to the evils.

– Is mediation still possible?
– Is dialogue with the employer definetely broken?
– Is it possible to avoid a termination of the employment contract?

These are all questions whose answers depend on the individual context. Carrying out an in-depth analysis will allow you to make the necessary decisions according to your specific situation and to be aware of the impacts on both your professional career and personal life.

Rezalliance Care

Comprehensive and integrated assistance program for end-to-end support

  • Benevolent listening in total confidentiality :
    A contact person to welcome and guide you in order to find support from the right practitioners, who correspond to your specific needs.
  • Practitioners are referenced through a rigorous selection process:
    To ensure you get the best support, all our experts were selected according to several criteria which go beyond their professional competence and cover, among others, the alignment with Rezalliance’s values and their wokeness to diversity and inclusion (intersectionality , unconscious bias …) issues underlying harassment and discrimination of all kinds.
  • Preferred rates optimized especially for REZALLIANCE members:
    Practitioners of our ecosystem agreeds to grant optimized rates to allow you take all the necessary actions in any area important for your reconstruction. You should not have to make a choice between the psychological, career or legal support.

Your energy and your time are precious, you should focus on your reconstruction.

Thanks to a rigorous referencing, we select competent, credible practitioners whose awareness of diversity and inclusion (intersectionality, unconscious bias, etc.) give them the ability to understand your experience and offer quality support.

Psychological support

Our practitioners offer various approaches covering both traditional and alternative medicines (eg hypnosis) for you to choose the one that best meets your needs.

A deep psychological work is essential to give meaning to a traumatic experience and learn from it to rebuild. Skipping this step can be detrimental to your reconstruction.

Career coaching

Our certified coaches to help you boost your self-esteem and bounce back with confidence, find a new job or explore new routes to reinvent yourself.

A coach will help you with practical and quickly actionable tools. It is about choosing the right one, who will use the methodology and tools that are adapted to your needs and personality.

Legal advice

Your selected  lawyers are particularly interested in the issue of harassment and discrimination. Most of them are trained in mediation and registered with the bar.

When the dialogue with the employer is no longer possible, it is essential to be accompanied by a competent expert to help you find the best possible way out. Your future is at stake.


Cost of service – 2022

Flat, simple and transparent pricing: 250 CHF*

  1. Flat rate for file processing.
  2. Choose your practitioners among our vetted experts and benefit from prenegotiated rates.
  3. Issue your payment directly to the practitioners for their specific services.  

* Special conditions apply for students and apprentices.
** Up to 40% of the standard price depending on the discipline and practitioner.


  • For the moment, REZALLIANCE CARE  is available in Suisse Romande region pending extension in other regions of Switzerland and France. However, if you need any assistance outside of the initial geographical scope, you may still reach out to us, we will try to support through our extended network.
  • This website is not the definitive platform which will serve for direct connection with our vetted pratitioners. While waiting for the development of such a technical platform, our website is the easiest way to liaise with our volunteers who will then guide you to the referenced practitioners. Developping a platform requires a significant investment which our young association cannot afford. Should you want to support us, you may make donation.

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